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I’ve only slept with a few women
But I doubt I wish to sleep with more
They’ve only left me
With a spent dick
And a soft heart.

When I wear my Ben Sherman’s, I just think about all the dead workers, you know. Like the people that got caught in some machine and like, died or whatever.
Paul Charnetzki IV

Why are the birds dying, Calvin?
The birds in our minds even
Those that can fly away
Out through the television sky

Status update: binge eating beef jerky.



allow me to introduce you to some things made by zuhair murad


the guy who showed me it was indeed possible to fall in love with dresses


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When Zizek says- “here once again, I remain a pessimist.”

He is usually committing an error

Paul Charnetzki IV

My grandfather (Paul Charnetzki II) who died as an advisor in Vietnam, had been assigned a unit of Vietnamese soldiers, which he communicated to through a translator. One day, when he issued an order to march left, the army marched to the right. The translator gave him an evil grin. He realized then that the translator was mistranslating all of his orders, potentially.

He learned some Vietnamese, so, at the very least, he could be sure the unit marched in the correct direction.

Paul Charnetzki IV

NATO, 2012